Why dry body brushing is so good for you

Did you know that your body’s largest organ, the skin, is responsible for about one fourth of the daily detoxification needs that are required by your entire body? One of the easiest ways you can help your skin do exactly what it was designed to do by nature, is in learning how to dry brush your skin.

Dry skin brushing has been used for many years across many different cultures as a way to

  • stimulate the circulation and lymphatic systems
  • remove dead skin cells through exfoliating
  • increasing oxygen and nutrients to the skin
  • help with the removal of toxins from the body
  • can help improve immune system function
  • can help with diminishing the appearance of cellulite
  • improve overall skin tone and appearance
  • can reduce in grown hairs

It’s really easy to begin skin brushing, all you need to do is

  • Buy yourself a body brush that is made from natural fibres. For one it will be chemical free, which makes sense as one benefit from skin brushing is to remove toxins not add more in. Also natural fibred brushes will have an uneven surface which will increase it’s exfoliation powers
  • Your skin should be dry before you start brushing, this is how dead skin cells and toxins are effectively removed. I always skin brush before a shower so the dead dry skin can be washed away easily afterwards.
  • When starting the dry skin brushing technique, begin with your feet. I have quite a hard brush so I love the feet, start on the soles (this actually tickles) and work over the top of your feet, brushing them in a circular motion, then moving upward to the ankles, calves, thighs, bottom, tummy (clockwise direction to aid digestion) and arms (starting with your hands and moving upwards). Do all of this brushing in sweeping movements brushing towards the heart. Once you move to your chest area it is a good idea to switch to quite a soft brush because this skin is delicate. I use a very gentle brush here and on my face. I don’t brush my face everyday, usually every 3rd. I then switch back to a firm brush and do my scalp as best I can without creating a large hair tangle situation….it feels amazing!
  • Then hop into the shower to rinse away all of the dead skin cells with warm water. Use cold water rinse at the end of your shower to further stimulate blood circulation. Finish off the process with a chemical free natural moisturiser such as coconut or olive oil.

I love to skin brush after I use my rebounder in the morning (also a fantastic lymphatic system stimulant) you can read more here. Your skin brushing routine can take up to 10 minutes, however I am usually a little rushed in the morning but even 5 minutes feels great. Be aware your skin will be quite red afterwards, but this is a great sign that you have increased blood flow to the skin….exactly what you want to achieve.
Skin brushing daily is optimal but whenever you have time before a shower will be beneficial.
Don’t forget to wash your brush weekly with warm soapy water to avoid dead skin building up on the bristles….yucko!

To find out where you can purchase natural, chemical free skin brushes visit my new site, eco treasures, here.

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2 thoughts on “Why dry body brushing is so good for you

  1. Simply Feli says:

    Great post! I have heard about the dry brushing technique a little while ago but I’m still am yet to try it out, I think your post just gave me the push I need :D

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